About Us

he Primghar Savings Bank was established in 1894 in Primghar, Iowa.  The bank has always been located “west of the court house across the cobblestone street”.  In business for over 113 years the Savings Bank has continued to grow and serve the local community and surrounding areas.  In June 2002 the Primghar Savings Bank formally changed its name to Savings Bank and opened up a branch in Hartley, Iowa.  The Hartley branch is located in downtown Hartley.  Five years later another branch was opened in Lake Park, Iowa in June 2007.

The Savings Bank has been a permanent fixture in the communities.  The institution and its employees look into the future with the same attitude of providing friendly and full service banking to our customers.  

Growth and progress created a new name, and three locations but some things do not change.  Things like customer service, minimal fees, dependability, friendly employees, knowing your name and going the extra mile, have been important to the Savings Bank for over 113 years and will continue in the future. 

Come on in, sit down, we’ll listen.

Established 1894

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