Organize your life with monthly e-statement delivery of your checking and savings account.  This online statement contains all of the same account information as a paper statement, except that its delivered online rather than through the mail.

E-statements provide you with:

  • The ability to view, print and save statements
  • Immediate access to current and previous bank statements
  • Simple electronic management of bank statements, eliminates filing and storage of paper statements.

Mobile Bank

Gives you access to basic Internet Banking features from your web-enabled cell phones or other media devices.  You can view account balances, account details and 30 days of account history as well as make immediate transfers between enabled internal accounts.

Available on the App Store Android App on Google Play

Online Bill Pay Service

  • Flexibility to pay anyone, anytime from anywhere
  • Scheduling feature allows you to schedule your bills to pay on the due date and your funds will not leave your account until that day.
  • Convenient features such as automatic payments
  • Ease in searching your online automatic payment history
  • Greater control over your finances.

Telephone Banking

Telephone banking is now available, please dial 712-957-1111 to enroll in this service.

Certificates of Deposit

Enjoy the certainty of a guaranteed fixed interest rate for a deposit as small as $500.00 and for terms of 6 months, 12 months, or 24 months.  You will be paid the interest rate until the maturity date of the certificate.  The Annual Percentage Yield assumes interest remains on deposit until maturity.  You must deposit $500.00 to open this account.  You must maintain a minimum balance of $500.00 in your account every day to obtain the Annual Percentage Yield.  We use the daily balance method to calculate the interest on your account.  Have the interest compounded to your CD or paid by check or deposit to other accounts with us. Substantial penalty for early withdrawal.  Other terms or conditions apply.


Our loan officers are happy to help qualified borrowers with any of the following types of loans: agriculture, commercial, personal, auto, real estate, student, home equity, and vacation. We have the knowledge and experience to help you.


  • 24-Hour Banking Convenience
  • Easy Transfers between Checking & Savings
  • Banking made easy from any touch tone telephone.
    Call us at (712) 957-1111 and do your banking at any time or place.

Check Printing

Receive your checks faster and for less money by letting us do the printing. We offer 6 different styles of checks, including South O'Brien Wolverines, Hartley Melvin Sanborn Hawks, and Harris Lake Park Wolves. Business checks and computer checks are also available. We can customize your checks by adding a by-line or picture. You can email your check orders to

ATM Service

We offer ATM services at all of our locations. For those in need of cash we have three ATM locations: at the Pro-Go Convenient Store in Primghar the ATM is available from 6:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. and at our drive-up in Hartley or our drive-up in Lake Park the ATM is available 24 hours.

Shazamchek Card

Use Shazamchek to make purchases or access cash from your account at ATMs anywhere you see the familiar MasterCard, Shazam, or Cirrus symbols.

Competitive Rates

Check our competitive rates on CD's, IRA's, and Savings accounts. (Interest rates change on a daily basis, call us for more information).


(712) 957-6815 Primghar

(712) 928-6815 Hartley

(712) 832-3030 Lake Park

Special Services

Elan Credit Cards, Wire Transactions, Safe Deposit Boxes, Travel Cards, and Gift Cards.

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